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2012 Essentials + Win 8.1 = Issues?


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I know the excitement for the 8.1 release has been great and hopefully it's 'just me' having issues...but these issues I'm having. 



-2012 Essentials

-WIndows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

-All latest windows updates for both server and 8.1 client

-Domain setup with server address set as the primary DNS on the client


1. After updating to windows 8.1, I must uninstall and re-install the connector otherwise the connector is always "greyed out".


2. Restoring an 8.1 client results in a "Error" during boot and renders the backup essentially useless....(i.e. the restore seemingly works perfectly but when I go to actually boot the client i just restored windows 8.1 does not boot...gives  me a blue error screen.


3. Access to Dashboard with 8.1 clients Broken...When using the launchpad or the right click menu of the connector icon, the credentials screen loads fine...and even the "Remote App" screen pops up for a few seconds...but then the remote app screen goes away and about 10 seconds later the "Loading....." dashboard screen disappears and the dashboard never loads. In checking what is going on with the remote app popup (down arrow where you can see what is loading) it appears to just be a black screen. 


Is anyone else having these issues? I haven't seen any reports of these problems, but maybe people are shying away from 8.1 or running 2012 R2 already... Sure seems strange that windows 8.1 would not be ready for production with one of their server products.




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One of my 8.1 clients "disconnected" and would not backup after upgrade.  I was about to uninstall then reinstall connector but after 2 reboots (Client) all seems OK.

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  1. did a fresh install of 8.1 on my desktop, so it doesn't apply; will have to check my Surface Pro since it did do an update

       UPDATE: did a couple of updates and rebooted my 8.1 desktop and the Dashboard is working. No, I don't think the updates had anything to do with it. It did take quite a while for the Dashboard to come up (maybe a minute), but it did work.

  2. I think I already did a successful restore, right after installing on my desktop, just to be certain. I believe I did have to do the 'trick' of manually deleting and re-creating empty partitions on the SSD boot drive, but I'm using my desktop computer right now, so it obviously boots.
  3. yeah, it doesn't seem to be loading. I virtually never use the Dashboard from a client computer, so it doesn't bother me (I use RDP to the server instead), but I will try it on my Surface Pro as well.
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