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CableCard Tuner Options


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Hello Gents,

As some of you may have heard, Comcast is going to start encrypting all of it's channels. I have the limited basic package which is essentially what you get with OTA. I have talked over what I have seen as all my options with the accounting department and I have come to the conclusion that I will buy a new CableCard capable tuner.


I came to this conclusion by eliminating the following options:

  1. OTA antenna: according to antennaweb, i would need a massive antenna. I live about 40 miles outside of Boston, so a simple indoor type is not going to cut it.
  2. Aereo: I can get Boston channels where I am, but the Wife Acceptance Factor is low. She really likes the WMC interface.
  3. Cable box with IR blasters: Existing tuner card (Hauppauge 2250) cannot accept multiple HD inputs. Additionally, I would need multiple cable boxes to record 2 shows at once.
  4. Comcast provided DVR: Do I even have to explain why this won't work?

This basically leaves the option of switching to a new TV tuner. One that can accept CableCards. From my research, I think I have narrowed it to the HDHomeRun Prime and the InfiniTV4. But, I'm not sure which one to jump on. I have read about interference when using internal cards so part of me wants to go with the HDHomeRun. But I want to hear what you guys think about both options (or something I haven't thought of). 


OHH one other thing. Right now, I only have one HTPC, but I plan to expand that out within a year or two when my home remodel is done.




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I'm on Time Warner and have a HDHomeRun Prime. It has been working well. I have occasional problems with the PC not finding tuners, but I'm not convinced this isn't a problem with WMC and not the Prime.


I also have a HDHomeRun Dual OTA box and two media centers and one extender in the house and there have been issues with not having enough tuners to keep them all happy. I've been thinking about getting a USB based InfiniTV4 because I question network bandwidth if I had 9 HD tuners all running at the same time and archiving to the home server and then throw in the extender.

I wouldn't recommend going with network tuners unless you have gigabit networking. 100 megabit will handle the load of 4 tuners, but you might not have a lot of headroom. Forget network tuners if you depending on wireless. I have found that N-wireless is only good for 1 HD stream at a time.


You might look at getting X-Box 360s as extenders instead of adding more HDPCs, Refirb 360s are down to $100 from some stores. Don't go for bigger hard dives if your just going to use it as an extender; you can't side load media on to them like you can with a PS3.

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I have been using an internal InfiniTV 4 card for 5 years with no real problems on Time Warner.  Most of my problems come up as SDV, which it doesn't matter which tuner you are using.  Also remember any shows marked copy once can only be played on the computer it was recorded on or on an extender.  So this makes using extenders a better option when using cable cards.

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Took me about 10 minutes the first time. 5m the second time, 2m the third... :) (for friends and such).


But yeah, can be a bit of a PITA, and can take a while to get everything settled. But it's worth it.

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I ... uh.... went the Sickbeard method... :)

Care to elaborate on it? I'm on my phone so research is difficult.


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Sickbeard is a python based utility that indexes and fetches TV shows, using either torrents or usenet. It doesn't download itself, but allows you to interface with the download clients (such as utorrent, or sabnzbd) to automatically download the episodes. And then if you configure it properly, you can automatically process the episodes (move+rename+tag) when they're done downloading. And Sickbeard can use a number of methods to notify you when it's started and finished downloading.





Though, it's questionable (in it's legality) depending on where you live.


But to be honest, if you use Usenet, *you* don't specifically violate the DMCA. Which is what most C&D's are from, when you're torrenting. Because you're not uploading, aka distributing the files. It's a legal grey area at best though. 


But if that doesn't bother you... and you're willing to pay for a usenet server... (monthly fee)...

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