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Performance comparison HP SA P222 versus P212


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The P212 RAID controller is in the same family as the P410, SAS runs at 6Gb/s and SATA runs at 3Gb/s.

The P222 RAID controller is a newer generation and supports SAS and SATA at 6Gb/s.

I currently have both P212 and P222, both with 512MB cache. I ran tests in a Microserver G8 with WHS 2011 and four Hitachi 5400rpm 2TB SATA 6Gb/s drives. Here is what I got;

Crystal Diskmark




Differences are fairly small. I have to assume comparing P410 and P420 would show similar numbers.
I believe the difference would be greater if I was testing with faster, higher transfer rate drives like the latest Seagate ST3000DM001.


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Maybe this is a bit of a necropost, but I wonder a little what the difference is in RAID rebuild time for a RAID-1 or (longer) RAID-5 array.


I pulled a drive today that went into a rebuild cycle (it said okay after a rebuild, but I wanted to be on the safe side) in my RAID-5 and replaced it with a new one.  It appears to rebuild faster than the P410 I had, but I've never had a chance to quantify it.  I do believe the new PMC chip is supposed to have a significant performance increase over the previous one, but it would be interesting to know.

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Have you tried additional testings with the P212 and faster drives?


As I am located in France, the cheapest P222 is from US. As it is without memory, it means I will have two different shipments, going to be expensive.

I have an opportunity for the P212 around 100$ with 256 memory so it might worth it...



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I have not, but here is some other testing I did.


What size drives are you looking to buy? For controllers like the P212 and P410, I try to find SAS drives so the controller will run at 6GB/s. 3TB SAS drives are expensive, but if you are OK with used, you can find 2TB for a reasonable price.


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That's the problem.

I would like to go directly with WD RED 4 Tb... And the light differences between P212 and P222 you have shown up...


On one side, the P212 (but not totally recognized by iLo) with 256 around 100$. On the other side, cheapest P222 is ~205$ + 512 memory around ~85$ + shipments, it will be a little bit more than 3 times more expensive...


As it is for home purpose, I think P222 could be overkill...

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