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whs2011 crashing/rebooting due to sata disk


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Hi I need some help troubleshooting a drive.

I have an older sata drive: wd6400aaks that I have been using as a scratch drive for holding usenet d/l's in my n36l microserver so it is probably worked fairly constantly over the last few years.

Yesterday it caused my microserver to crash and reboot constantly. It appears the system would boot and be fine until the whs2011 dashboard came online and then it froze and rebooted. I am running stablebit scanner on all drives (4 others pooled together for backup, plus OS ssd) and whilst I can't run it anymore because of the crashes, it was not indicating any errors on that drive.

Bios is in ide mode, drive in question is using the stand alone sata cable to the MB. No raid, and system has been stable for months.

Interestingly, I disconnected the sata data cable, and put in a sata to usb connector. So the drive is still powered by the same cable (probably eliminating a power issue), but instead of connecting via sata to the MB, it now connects through a usb port. All of a sudden it is fine again and all data is available. Drive appears not to have any smart issues, and as a test in usb configuration I d/l several GB overnight over 6 hrs with no apparent issue. Currently running WD data life long test, short test came up fine.

So is it likely that the drive is failing or might it be another issue such as OS or hardware? Kind of in a hurry as microservers are currently cheap so if it is on the way out I need to act today. I will get a new drive anyway but that may not fix a software or HW issue.
Fundamentally it seems an issue with whs2011 and dashboard, as the system boots and remains useable for a minute or so before it just reboots iteslf, and the drive has been stable with usb connection for 12 hours now.
Any ideas?


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Grab the crash dump and upload it to CoveCube/StableBit.


You don't need to do anything, but use that Box.com upload widget at the bottom of the page.


The reason is, we would like to see what the exact cause of the crash is.


That, or you could install winDBG and find out yourself. Or use a utility like "WhoCrashed" to see. 





As for what you describe, it could be a bad cable (or loose connection). Or an issue with the drive's circuit board. 

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It would seem the most likely culprits are the SATA cable or the SATA port or, possibly, a 3rd option.


It could simply be a case of the SATA connection 'going bad' over time. What I mean is, plug-in connections (e.g. SATA cable plugging into mobo, HDD plugging into SATA cable) do tend to get 'gunked up' over time. Often, just unplugging and plugging back in 5 or 6 times will clean the gunk off of the contacts enough that the connection will work properly again. How fast the contacts get gunked up is largely a matter of the environment: i.e. what's in the air. If it's particularly dusty, or the system is in an environment where people smoke (whether regular tobacco or less-than-legal substances), the contacts will get gunked up more quickly.


So, I would 1st try de-gunking the contacts. If that doesn't work, change the SATA cable. If that doesn't work, try another drive in that SATA port.

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