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Red Screen


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Hi all


New to the forum and I hope u can help


I recently purchased a brand new gen 8 microserver base model with no dvd drive.


I have installed two one terabyte drives and configured in a raid 1 setup.


I have setup the bios to boot from a external dvd drive now everything boots up and detects

But as soon as the drive starts to spin up and boot a red screen pops up

With illegal op.


So I unplugged the dvd drive and wrote a freenas img to a USB stick and tried to boot but the

Same again .


Any idea

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I have not seen a red screen. Have you made any other changes to the system? I would try running Intelligent Provisioning to test the box. Then I would use it to try the install. As the box is new, I would open a case with HP.

This may be it, turn off port sharing on the Ethernet;


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Yeah can get into the Bios no problem 



when i remove the drives and try to boot of the usb stick or external cdrom 


shell go red screen so there must be something going on with the USB ports


were do i go to log a problem 


is there a webpage at HP 

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This has been fixed


Thank u guys for all your help and support


I fixed it by entering f10 at boot entering into the hp intelligent section

And from there setup my array again and did a massive firmware update .


So anyone who buys 1of these puppy's do your firmware update before anything else

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just bumped into this red screen issue.


No changes to the system, just a restart :unsure:


Performing firmware update now.


For sanity this is what it looks like:

IMG 0101


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