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Updated one client to windows 8.1 - Alert Viewer issues


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So I took the plunge and let one client update to 8.1. Predictably the remote connection bombed and someone had to go in and click a mouse to get it going again. When I logged in with a normal user I got two errors, the first was an Alert Viewer error similar to the link here: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2870-launchpad-will-not-connect/ and the second was roaming profile errors. After a bit of digging I found the profile errors were due to multiple 'SkyDrive' folders appearing in the users profile. I deleted these and all was OK (I note that the roaming profile instructions on technet now state that you should have a registry entry to force a new profile for each windows version)....


The Alert Viewer one has got me stumped. The user can log on OK, though it doesn't look like the workstation has backed up since installing 8.1. 


Should I delete the workstation from the server and re-install the connector?


On another note, during the roaming profile trouble shooting I deleted a user profile (on the server) to recreate it from scratch. I think that the config has synced with the users MS account, as when I logged in everything was there (on windows 8), however when I log on in windows 8.1 there is a new profile. When I log on with a different user on 8.1 the profiles look merged.


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Just to confirm some of the comments on the other link. Server has static IP, and IP address for workstation is reserved in the pool.

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Odd.. this error just went away! That said, I did have errors with backup. It seems we have a new partition out of nowhere labelled 'local disk' .. not sure what this is or does...


I also have an error with multiple SkyDrive folders being created, then not syncing on log off. I keep deleting them and they keep coming back!





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