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Bitdefender issues

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Ouch. :(

That's definitely not cool.  But I wonder how much that happens to all the venders...........


Bound to be a bit of it but a this was a core kernel BSOD issue (back in the Vista days) it was rather serious. They denied that NOD32 was the cause, and then when the next public revision came out the fix was listed in the release notes. That was enough for me.

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I shut that stupid thing off and use the Windows Firewall.

I'm surprised BitDefender slowed her notebook down so much. BD runs just fine on my Surface Pro; doesn't seem to slow it down noticeably at all.


I picked BD after getting suspicious that MSSE wasn't catching everything. In my case, BD did catch things MSSE missed, a couple of serious ones at that.

Yeah, it's an Acer Core i3 from last year. She didn't want to spend the money to get a more powerful system and the notebooks

available at the time were pretty poor. She pretty much just checks internet so it's okay for her. 

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