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switch disks between 2 microservers gen 8 g2020t


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Hi people!

I have 2 x gen 8 microserver. Both servers have a raid 1 config for OS. I have on each server a 4TB disk for data.

I have to config the data disk to raid 0 otherwise It is not reconised under server 2012 standard.

If i switch the 4tb disks between the servers the os Will not boot and i have to build an array again.

If i switch back the 4tb drives Windows just boot normally.


Is there another way to get this work?  thanks!

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You do need to make the single data drive a RAID 0 for the B120i to see it.

You can move RAID sets between HP SA controllers.

The process for moving drives starts on page 24;



Make sure both servers have the same BIOS/Firmware version.

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GStarks, a forum member, works for HP. He gave a really good explanation of why single drives have to be configured as RAID-0. It is logical, but it's also 'engineer speak', and we all know how unintelligible engineers are to most people.


I suggested that HP should change it, perhaps add an option called 'single drive' or 'standalone drive'. They could still configure it as a RAID-0 in the background; it just wouldn't be so confusing to lay people.

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