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HP Microserver MOD (8drives)


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I'm currently modding my new Microserver to allow for 8 3.5inch hard drives.   I currently have an HP N40L with 8 drives in it and I'm looking to do the same with the new box.


Here are some pictures of the current progress:







What I need from the forum :)


Can someone please post a picture of the power/front USB cable and the correct pin out.    I think it should be HP P/N: 716544-001 is the cable that connects the power to the motherboard.  I am looking to mod my case and need to figure out what wires control the LED / Power on / HDD LED.









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I don't get it. Those boxes were designed to work with up to four 3.5'' drives + ODD. Team of skilled engineers designed case and selected all components to work flawlessly with maximum four drives. G7 can be easily modded to accept 5 or 6 3.5'' drives but fitting more than 6 drives is simply overkill.

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I guess that's what modders do.  Take things and cut them up :)



"skilled engineers" would have added HDMI out rather than VGA.  As even in the server world VGA is being replaced the same as PS/2 begin replaced by USB.   They would have made the SAS port have more options than RAID 0/1.  The vast number of people always want to change one or two things with a design of any product; adding more drives, a quieter fan, or just change the LED color.   These simple things are what make people engineers and why nothing is "overkill"



No problem with heat at all.  I ran my old HP N36L and N40L both with 8 drives + a SSD (9 total) with a LSI RAID card and graphics card with no problems.   I just ran the new G8 over the weekend with prime95 and furmark at max with zero issues and temps below 55c!  Thats 100% load and would never reach that in real world use.  




I'm going to be moving all my data 24TB to the new G8 and will post some pictures :)

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Beautiful!  Love the pictures!  Can't wait to see more and hear all the details!


My dremel and I salute you!

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Respect for pushing the envelope.  I understand some of the other comments/questions above in regards to "what it was made to do & why" but I understand the desire to MOD & push for improvement as well.  My question is are you going to clean it up in there & possibly paint before reassembly??  


PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE (and Thank Yous!!)  Keep the pics of the project coming and information on how it works out!!  

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I'm not going to give away to much.....but lets just say it will be painted and done in a way that isn't used that much.  


The build list so far:


160Watt Pico PSU




High point RAID card 8 port SAS

128 Samsung SSD



Currently 18 hours left to copy ;)  Then the fun starts!

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Very nice zer0gravity. To those who wonder why, I'll bet my last $ that HP engineers are eyeing this build themselves, wondering if there's anything they can learn from it. Pushing the envelope is how new developments come about.


And, yes please, keep the photos coming. ;)

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