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Revert WS2012e user acount to local?


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So I've been using the WS2012e trial for some time and my 180 days is nearly up. I have made a decision to no longer use it as my home server software of choice as while intellectually I like the idea of domains and all the other goodies it provides I just can't justify the time needed to get to know it better and use it well so I have decided to use Windows 8 per Terry Walsh's instructions.


I have 2 users on a networked laptop. The accounts are Microsoft accounts but through the domain so logon is domain/user name.


Is there a way to recreate these accounts as local accounts such that the desktop, software installs, email (outlook 2013) remains intact or do I need to blow them both away and start again?


I just have the wise words of my wife ringing in my ears "Leave it the same as I had it and just make it work... then stop fiddling with it!"..


Any assistance appreciated.

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Use Windows Easy Transfer. No, I'm serious.


Not everything will work though. You may need to setup Outlook again (that's because Outlook is annoying about profiles).

But hey, this may help with that:


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