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Icy Dock Wallpaper Contest


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Contestants have a chance to win one of three prizes. To be eligible, contestants must submit an original desktop wallpaper highlighting Icy Dock and/or their products. The wallpaper is to be 1920x1200 pixels and sent as an attachment or link to podcast@homeservershow.com by June 7, 2010. Winners will be selected by the hosts of the Home Server Show Podcast and announced in June 2010. Wallpaper submissions will be posted on the HomeServerShow.com and discussed in the forums.



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The first contestant is.....Lux! Well, Chris, as we spoke on the podcast, hosts can't win. I think we can all give Chris an A+ for effort though!

I'm resizing the original artwork. The winning submissions will be released in the requested size of 1920x1200.

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Geez, mine looks very lacking compared to the one above. What the heck, with one box here in Iraq, one in Italy, and one in the works for the States when I return this summer, I sure could use that 4 bay enclosure!!!

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Better put my two cents in... Dave was joking about me wanting a prize. I just like playing with Photoshop and wanted to kick off the contest. I'm perfectly aware that I don't get to win some wicked swag like the rest of you guys.

ITTOG - Do I detect a bit of sarcasm? If you're making something similar, put it up!

JMWills - Looks good! That's EXACTLY what we're looking for. Hope you win a prize.

Keep em coming folks!

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Thought so, I'm interested in seeing what artistic abilities the famous ITTOG has. Let's see a submission sir!

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OK, thanks for the ideas, but you might want to "hold" them back so no one is influenced by my originality and creativity.

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