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What Applications Do You Have Running On Vail?


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I installed SharePoint 2010.
The thing here is that it will shut down Vail's web site which is using port 80, but to repair that, you delete the web site created by default by SHarePoint 2010 on port 80 and built a new one use a different port. Then you enable the WHS web site.

I also added MyMovies3, the server version 64 bit, not the addin. Now MyMovies3 on the Windows 7 MCE will connect to it.

Next I will try PHP, here is a link, http://www.wegotserved.com/2010/05/09/how-to-install-php-on-windows-home-server-vail/

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I have just installed SqueezePlay on the Vail Server.

Install was effortless.

Not as a add-in but a X86 app. It wirks really well.


I guess at this point I dont even know how to install a Vail add-in....Is there any yet.



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I've installed SQL Server 2008 (Dev Edition) on Vail but I haven't had time to start using yet. I can't seem to get through the Firewal to connect to it from my other computers. Remote connections work fine when I disable the firewall. I hope I can find some time soon to try and fix that issue.

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