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So the TP-Link I ordered arrived today and as they say in the movies:




A couple of notes of things I ran into putting this thing in the N54L:


1) Watch this video (

) if you're unsure how to properly install the card. I was struggling a bit because I didn't notice the little latch on the back pulled down making it a lot easier to get to the screws as well as making it possible to pull out the bracket.


2) And when the guy says to be careful with the screws, he means it! Even though I was being careful, I'll be darned if that lil' thing didn't drop down in side and roll around in the motherboard. Thankfully I got it out without taking everything completely out again. :)


After finishing putting everything back together, I turned on the machine and everything connected just fine without me doing anything else (installing drivers, etc).


So I've ended up with exactly what I wanted....

An inexpensive machine that I can leave running 24/7 and access from any of my other devices be it a PS3, Roku, laptop or desktop. Plex is installed and serving my DVDs/BluRays that I've already ripped..hey only 1000 or so more to go!. And I've currently got 6 gig inside with plenty of room to grow as well as a 4 gig external drive as well.


I'm happy!!


Oh...and from what I've seen so far, the performance of Plex is outstanding. I like the Roku app a bit better then the PS3 app as far as which one to use with the TV as it seems to start the videos quite a bit faster then the PS3 app does.

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Whoops...didn't realize I put this in the Windows Server 2012 Essentials folder. I'm actually using Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2.

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Congrats! Looks like you're on your way.


ps. I assume you mean 6 and 4 TB, not GB ;)



So not only did I put it in the wrong forum, I also have typos. LOL!


Yes, meant TB, not GB.

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