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Shuttle KPC K45 Disk Read Error


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Hello everybody!

Really enjoy the community and the podcast! I have learned a lot. Unfortunately my frankenbuild is giving me problems. It is a Shuttle KPC K45, Core Duo, 2Gig RAM with 2 WD SATA 2TB drives, the machine was running fine for well over a year with no problems and have only had the case open to clean it and swap some drives.

I am getting a "Disk Read Error - Pres Ctrl, Alt, Del" and stops booting. I looked on-line and noticed previous posts on other sites about faulty drive cables and tried swapping them out with no luck. I cannot get it to boot from CD-ROM either with an IDE cable. I checked the BIOS settings and the drives are recognized but it hangs when it gets to "loading operating system." I did notice quite a few posts on-line about Shuttle having problems with this model after a year or so and my rig is almost two years old. Considering converting an older case and reusing parts with new mobo to keep costs down to hold me over until Vail shows up. :)

Appreciate any ideas before I start ordering from Newegg (not that I mind that too much)...

Thanks in advance!


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There are a bunch of threads on this site that have discussed hardware that you might want to review but I will give you my two cents. First, you might try a couple of things. I would try and disable "all" boot devices in your BIOS except for the CD/DVD ROM to see if that helps. If you have a new drive hanging around put it instead of your existing system drive. Some older BIOSes get confuses so having a new drive forces a boot from the CD. And lastly, make sure you have the master jumper set on your CD/DVD rom as you are using IDE. If all that fails and you are do the retail therapy and visit newegg. I would go for the Core I3-530 and a gigabtye (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128429) motherboard and you will be set for now as well as the next version. If you want to reuse your CPU and RAM istead, here are a couple of options. Everything here I have or have used recently and was pleased with them,

775 socket

Some addtional information

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I always like to use SpinRite 6 on hard drives that give me a problem. Unfortunately there is no free trial before you buy option. I have used this product on my customers' hard drives and any used hard drives I purchased. I will say it does work and saved a few hard drives.

Just my $0.02.

PC Eddie

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pc doc and PCEddie,

Thank you for the help, I could not get the computer to boot no matter what I do, off to Newegg! Thank you both for the suggestions.



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