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Just rebuilt my server on 2011 using SSD, best

thing I've ever done for my server. Since we now

have add-in central back started looking at add-ins again.


Decided to go with DrivePool in lieu of DriveBender, it was 

just too busy for me, although both worked.


Had a heck of a time with MyMovies. Had to install/reinstall,

using MyMovies Clean Tool nothing worked. It wouldn't 

import the database I had saved from my last install

Finally deleting log files and a DB file and it worked.

Still love the add-in however.


Finally the question. Add-ins aren't talked about a lot anymore,

so are there any in the Add-In Central list that people like and

use other than the ones discussed above?

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For drive extenders... I just added PoolHD into the add-ins list of Add-in Central today. I haven't tried any of the drive extenders myself (DrivePool, Drive Bender, or PoolHD), so I can't say anything about them. I just wanted to let you know that there is another alternative if you're interested.


BTW, I'm updating the add-ins list in Add-in Central on a daily basis now (usually a few each day). I'll keep going until I run out of add-ins to add. So you may want to keep checking Add-in Central from time to time just to see if anything new is listed that you might like. Also, I hope with the ratings/popularity features, you can make an informed decision on which add-ins most people use and like the most. It doesn't seem that all that many folks are participating in the ratings at the moment, but I'm sure that will change as the add-in gets more exposure.


Also, just so everyone is clear, everything you do in Add-in Central is 100% anonymous, so please feel free to be completely honest with your ratings, add-in submissions, reports, etc.



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Hey Mike,


I think it's great that you have resurrected this add-in. It's been awhile since something exciting has happened

on the HomeServer side of home storage.  I know it's a lot of work and I fee the same as DieHard, I think people

would donate to help with the work on this project as it does take time.


It's probably not possible within the add-in to do written reviews given space. I believe in supporting developers

who do good work and was hoping to drum up some interest in quality add-ins. I have already purchased

licenses for all three drive extender replacements, but for the moment have settled on DrivePool.


I was simply wondering if forum members are using any of the other add-ins as I am interested in helpful software.

I understand your products are quality software, but my use case doesn't fit your products. I however, am going

to look closer at them and thank you for supporting the platform. Also, thank you for the donations to #meetup 2013.

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