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Access to WHS V1 WAN fails, remote configure fails, etc 10-2013


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Another thread (saw the old one) about no access to the domain HTTPS://XYZ.homeserver.com.  Can't get the WHS to even configure it and verify it works. If I leave UPNP running and have WHS try to configure ports I have the same results as manually setting port forwarding of 80, 443 and 4125 (listed as WHS remote proxy port).


ALSO, just to throw another wrench into things .... I can't get connected with IE browser to the domain names (my old one or a new one I tried). The HTTPS://xyz.homeserver.com doesn't seem to function at all any more.  Did Microsoft just abandon the domains when they stopped support of WHS V1?


Long story short, I wanted to be able to see my server when I travel, but it has never been reliable (in the 5 years I've used WHS) to use their domain (seems always down, troubled or unable to connect).  Recently it is MUCH WORSE so I'm looking for HELP !!


Would I be better off to buy a domain and build access with a VPN into my WHS?




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Do you know your External IP Address?


If so, go to:  https://x,x,x,x:443


You should be able to get in,  If not, we can start to investigate other issues.  Make sure you Ports are forwarded to the correct IP address of the server.

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