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EX490 V1 one disk fail, 2nd shows external but is internal


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Hello all,

been reading here to see if i can find a solution to my problem, and have only been parially successful.

System is as above, with 3 internal drives; system drive, and two 1.5 gb Samsung drive, all internal.


Last night my server was making noises, and i could not reach it. 

Cut power, it took forweer to reboot. Then got connected via console, and saw that one Samsung drive was missing, the second samsung drive showed ok, but says it's now external, and the system drive shows ok, internal.

I've added an external USB 4tb drive, and added this to the drive pool.

I've then "removed" the missing drive Samsung drive via server storage/remove.

The server seems to be running fine now.

i've not yet physically removed the failed Samsung drive.


What bothers me is that the remaining internal Samsung 1.5gb drive, says that it's "External (ATA)". But it's physcially an internal drive, and was previously marked this way. See attached screen shot.


Any ideas of what might still be wrong?



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Hmm, sorry, i was sure that i had added the screenshot.


In the mean time i've shut down the system, physically removed the drive and then put them back in.

The one drive i "removed" from the system showed that it was no longer "installed", but available.

The internal drives now show correctly as "Internal ATA".

As the drives all showed ok, even the previous one that failed, I added this one again to the pool...and it worked!

So now i'll see when i get home whether there are still problems...

But, i'll remove this drive anyway, it's too risky to keep this in the system.

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