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HD Homerun with 3 Tuners


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Are cable companies required to provide cable cards (for a fee of course) if the customer request them? I have Charter and they seemed to struggle putting cards in my Tivo. It took two different techs to come to the house a total of 3 times (first time all of the cards where defective). I finally had to walk the guy through the process using the Tivo instructions.

I can just imagine when they come out to install a card in the HDHomerun they are going to be completly lost.

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I know this is an old thread but I just read about this the other day as it is my number one Christmas item this year I think. It has to do with the sharing


Can you clarify the issue with tuner sharing?


while cable labs does not allow sharing of cable card tuners the last I heard out of SD is that on the HDHR they were trying to make the configuration very easy/automatic so that even though you could not split the tuners at the same time between pcs you could have all 3 on one pc and then the pool could easy move to another pc and so on. I will try to find the link when I get a chance. For me since I use extenders not a huge deal but would be a nice option if available.

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