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2012E Back to 2011 Questions and Observations


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With the death of TechNet I have decided to stick with software I can

actually justify purchasing for my home environment. I was using 2012E

and it was great, but really too much for me.



1. Mad at myself that I haven't installed WHS on an SSD before, solved

quite a few problems I have had in the past. - such as slow dashboard

2. 2011 is enough for me. With #1 it is so much better.

3. I found DrivePool to be more logically laid out than DriveBender,

although both work.

4. Had to disable IPv6 to get connector to install on 8.1 Desktop

5. No such problems with connector on Windows8 notebook



1. Still can't remote into server from 8.1. I sign into my 8.1 desktop

with a Microsoft account. Will I have to change to a local account

to enable this. I tried the name of my Microsoft account and 2011

states the user  name is in the wrong format.


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WHS2011 is definitely a good choice here.



As for the login issue, have you messed with the Credentials Manager (in the Users section of the control panel)?

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@diehard. thanks.


I'll try it when I get home tonight. After I wrote the post

I then remembered a Microsoft Account login from my

wife's notebook works fine so it must be something 

unique to that PC.


To reiterate, I can't believe how much an SSD helps

improve my satisfaction with my server and the Dashboard.

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Using the two user accounts on the Server didn't work.


When I added the actual Administrator account with password it worked.

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Are you using the Credential manager on the Client or Server?


You might want to try adding the user account on the Client Credential manager using this format:


Internet or Network Address:  Hostname or IP Address of Server

user name:  Your user name on the Server

Password:  Well, 'nuff said


I would not use the Admin Account.

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The reason I moved to 2012E was ability to do a bare metal restore on a GTP disk which was not available in 2011. This may have changed, not sure!

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