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Which way to go?


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Ok guys... It was a pleasure meeting each of you at the meet up, but now I need ideas.


I am thinking of rebuilding how I do things at my house.  I currently do this:


Windows Home Server 2011

Media Center (Win 7)

HD Homerun Prime with 6 channels

6 Xbox 360 Extenders

Numerous other servers running Hyper-V for labs and demos

SkyDrive for personal files (45 GB)

Xbox Music

Leverage Xbox Video


I am wanting to move forward and I have the following needs:

Ability to store Videos to be leveraged for On-Demand to the Xbox

Ability to have many VMs on Hyper-V to build labs and demos

Ability to store pictures locally, but backed up (SkyDrive integration is a plus)

Ability to withstand single drive failure

Ability to have Xbox be able to see my pictures

Share files between more than 10 computers

Remotely access home network


I will stop there, but lets get a discussion going on this... I have thought about a Synology 513+ in conjunction with a Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 as well as a powerful box using iSCSI for VM storage.  Thoughts?




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Storage:  WD RED 3 TB

RAID:      High Point 2720

CPU;       Core i5 SANDY BRIDGE

OS:         Server 2012 (run WHS as a VM)


Just my thoughts

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When you guys run WHS in a VM for client backups, are you giving the WHS VM direct access to a physical HDD? or storing client backups within a VHD attached to the VM?

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Agreed. That way, the drive can moved to another system really easily. Of course, VHDs can be moved; somehow, it just seems easier (or maybe just less time consuming) to move a physical drive rather than copy a large VHD over a network.

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Funny you ask that question. I just finished converting my WHS 2011 bare metal to a VM. I'm running Windows 8 Pro with WHS 2011 as a VM. I'm using all VHD's. Since WHS is in a virtual environment I prefer VHD's. Server Backup is also a VHD. Used Server Backup to perform a full recovery to a new VM yesterday and it worked great. Server Backup is the only way to go with Windows 8 Pro as the host because none of the VM backup software providers support it. I saw no change in transfer speed between a physical disk and a VM.

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Oh please don't use WIN8 as a platform for all of this...just saying.

Why not? It's a client version of HyperV and works well... :)

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