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Storage Pool Problem


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I'll also add that I recently (in the last few days) resurrected my old HP EX490 MediaSmart Server. It was indeed the system drive that failed. I replaced the OS drive, excavated the restore disc that came with the EX490 and attempted a server restore which seems completely successful. Everything seems to be running fine on the old server and all the data is there. The only standing issue seem so be that the backup service isn't running so I'll have to work on that. It's been out of service for some time. I'm not sure how long exactly it's been out of service but the last backup on one of listed systems was 277 days so that is a safe bet.


So that makes the replicated data a lot easier to get to rather then having to swap out the HDD from the older EX490 server. Now I can just access the data directly off the server.


That might come in handy soon too because my newer Server 2012 Essentials box has developed a bit of a problem. As noted in another thread I started, the older virtual disc which I was migrating data away from (so far only moved photos, videos and music shares) has unceremoniously disappeared. The newer virtual disc seems fine though. I have no idea how or why the virtual disc vanished but I am working on it.


I hope to sort this out soon.

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