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HP Microserver Warranty


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OK, i'm sold on the Gen8 machine to replace several of my clients aging Dell PowerEdge tower servers w/ SBS 2003 on them.  (Fortunately only one is still running Exchange on it).  My question is the warranty from HP.  I don't want to buy the server from HP as it's always more expensive there and the parts, etc are all more expensive there.  I was thinking about Newegg as they seem to be pretty good w/ this stuff -- but how do I get the HP warranty?  I've always had great results w/ HP/Compaq warranties on servers -- getting parts at 10PM during a weekend when i really need it, etc... HP said it doesn't matter where I buy the warranty from, but I only see HP selling it... 


Anybody have any experience w/ the warranty? 


FYI .. i'm currently running NL40 at home w/ an HP SmartArray P410 -- utilizing both channels internally for RAID 1 of two SSDs, and RAID 5 in cage w/ multiple 1TBs <-- purely for testing.  


Let me know.  Thanks! 


-- PetieG

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Hi PetieG,


Sounds like you are looking to resell the hardware to clients. I would suggest that you setup an account at one of HP's distributors.


Best bets for US would be

- Ingram Micro

- Tech Data

- Synnex

- D and H


You can resell some products thru them even, including MicroServer and warranty Care Packs, without becoming an authorized HP reseller. However there are benefits to being a partner so if you are interested go to http://hp.com/partners/us


An easy way to find the compatible Care Packs, or even to build out an accurate config on a variety of HP products, is to use HP iQuote. Check it out at http://hpiquote.net.

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Actually I'm not. I recommend and make the client pay directly. Not much volume so it's not worth it to me. Still curious if warranty can be had from oh without buying server from them.

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3yr, 24x7 4hr response is PN UR484E


use the iQuote link above to find other part numbers under "Hardware Support"


Example sources from google: 




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