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2012 Essentials R2 + Hyper-V + Haswell = Pain


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Well, we know that they never think about marketing.... Else Media center would be in every home and the dominant PVR solution (as it was basically second after TiVo, and had all the "current" features YEARS ago). And Home Server would be in a lot of homes. Maybe not every, but in a significant majority... Maybe even on the same box.... But Microsoft sure blew both of those products....



But either way, a lots more reasons to avoid the hassle of migrating to R2, and to stick to my working WS2012E box.

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Yea, I think the M$ execs do themselves harm by installing enterprise grade equipment in thier home and flaunt it as the average guy.....I rememebr seeing a video on Channel 9 where the exec had two server racks in his home...totally over the top and was promoting WHS.

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Thanks to all for correcting my missed words, as well as the correct interpretation of what I meant rather than what I said.  I was truly burnt out with the multitude of experiments I ran over the weekend.  I had it all planned out and was going to do a step by progressive upgrade one piece at a time.  Spent a bunch of money on hardware and can't really use it yet.  Not even sure if it is one of many Haswell issues or compatibility things from essentials.  :angry:  On a bright note, this aggravation will provide countless blog posts and podcast material.  Now I have to go and prepare for my rack project.  Bought all the rack equipment that Martis had.

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