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2012 Essentials R2 + Hyper-V + Haswell = Pain


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I am now on roughly my 15th install of Essentials R2 on my Haswell and I can not get my Haswell system to properly install a VM guest in Hyper V.  Hyper V installed fine but the guests hang.  Wasted the whole weekend on this and tried 2 different SSDs, two different drives, two motherboard, a BIOS upgrade, and 5 sets of memory.  What a POS. They could have not possibly tested essentials on new hardware before releasing it.  Of course it all works fine on a Sandy Bridge.  I am at my wits end and have given up trying to make that combo work.  I guest I will have to wait for RTM 2.  I would love to just go back to sandy/ivy bridge but I need a few more sata 3 for the new server so I am stuck waiting.



Asus Z87M-Plus/Gigabyte Z87MX

I-5 4570S

Crucial/Gskill Memory (test in two and 4 banks, with 16 and 32 gig configurations)

2 Intel SSD

2 Two Seagate 3T


My frustration is beyond words.  So do yourself a favor and do use Haswell on if you plan of using Hyper-V and essentials.


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I'm assuming you've installed 2012 Standard or HyperV Core on the same hardware and have gotten it to work?


And yeah, that would definitely be very frustrating. I wonder if HyperV Server 2012 R2 exhibits the same behavior.

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I'd bet that 75% + of the Essential installs will be on "consumer grade" equipment, and not "enterprise  grade" equipment.

Isn't that the point of Essentials, actually? It's meant to be a consumer grade server after all. Or at least a SOHO server.

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