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Successful backup & restore of Win8.1 desktop using WHS2011


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Confirmed: it works.


I did have to use the 'trick' I worked out when I first installed an SSD as my Win7 boot drive some time back. What I do is:

  1. disconnect all HDDs except the boot drive
  2. boot into WHS2011 Client Recovery using a DVD of my Zalman ZM200
  3. do all the usual stuff up to the point where the choice to use Automatic or Disk Manager is presented
  4. choose Disk Manager
  5. make note of the size of the partitions on the boot drive
  6. delete all partitions from the boot drive
  7. recreate the partitions, using the sizes from item 5. I do not assign any drive letters; nor do I format the partitions
  8. proceed with the Restore normally
  9. power off
  10. reconnect any disconnected HDDs
  11. boot up normally

I have both the Reserved and C: partitions selected in the backup profile in the WHS2011 Dashboard.

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