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If the MicroServer supports Hibernate, and WHS Client Backup can work with hibernated computers, it seems that it should be do-able.


I'm with Leo on the sleeping/waking up issue. I don't get how a computer that's sleeping can 'wake itself up'. How can a Scheduled Task execute if the CPU is dormant? I thought the WHS wakes up the Client Computers for backup using WoL. Of course, if both the Server and Client are asleep, who wakes who up? :)


As I believe I said in that thread, I find it very peculiar that the availability of Sleep or Hibernate is in any way dependant on the video card. I understand it's true -- it's just really, really weird.

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WoL only works with wired connections; it is not valid for WiFi connected computers. Therefore, client laptops are woken up by the scheduled backup task in the laptop - not by the WHS.


There is a WoWL standard - but I don't believe that WHS uses it.

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