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1st Build - multiple problems

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If you check that 8-pin connector closely, you should find that it can actually come apart into 2 pieces. Also, make absolutely sure you are not using a connector that's labelled PCI-E -- it's for add-in cards, like video controllers.

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Nice work. Bad RAM is a nasty thing, and can be somewhat difficult to track down; glad timekills & pcdoc could steer you in the right direction. RMA that sucker, although I would probably run memt

You are correct ikon.  I did look it up on Corsair's site and saw that I needed to split it apart.

I can't quite read it as it's plugged in but the PSU comes with 2 PCI-e cords and they are not connected to anything. 

The PCI-e connectors are 6 pin.


Thank you for your help.

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