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Tonido 35% off


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From a Tonido email communication:


To make your transition easier to personal cloud, we are currently offering 35% OFF on Tonido Pro, Biz and TonidoPlug for the next 2 days. Please use the coupon code "FREEDOM35" in our online store to avail the deal. It is our Best Offer Ever .


The "online store" link is: http://tonido.com/sendy/l/aa39/6z


The Tonido Plug software has improved a lot in the last year. I use mine, with a 500G 2.5" drive, as a backup target for WIn 7 and WIn 8 boxes. It runs warm (107 F, or 92 F with a USB fan), but I will give them credit for a lot of improvement in the last 12 months.

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Curious to know what has changed.  I tried one about 7-8 months ago and it was not very good.  Do you know what has improved?

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