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No direct, in-place upgrade path from Server 2012 Essentials to Essentials R2


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Haven't used it yet, but picked up at a recent MS Roadshow, that with the release of the new Hyper-V, they recommend a clean install of Hyper-V as the host (unsure whether it has a GUI or not) and then load your VM's straight on that.

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If it's Hyper-V Server, and they haven't changed it drastically, then it's command-line only.... on the server itself that is. I believe there are GUI tools, such as Hyper-V Manager, that you can load on another computer and use to administer the server remotely. There is now also an Open Source local GUI tool: http://blogs.technet.com/b/keithmayer/archive/2013/03/20/managing-free-hyper-v-server-2012-with-a-local-gui-console-tool.aspx.

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Downloading it today so will hopefully have a play this coming week.


That GUI by the way, looks awesome. Can't wait to try that as well.


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Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 looks very much like its predecessor, no GUI to speak of at all, well there are a few minor bits and pieces which present a graphical interface but nothing to really write home about. I've been using it at home and at work ever since it came out.


Yes you can install as many VMs as you like, subject to disk space and ram. You are expected to manage it from some other PC with the Hyper-V management tools, or if you are completely insane, like me, from another server running System Center Virtual Machine Manager!


I do tend to install the third party GUI tools onto the servers I build as there is really no reason not to - I find the network configuration component of CoreFig to be quite useful if nothing else. The most useful part would be the section which lets you start and stop VMs but I've never gotten this to work, I don't think it works properly with R2, unless there has been a recent update to it which I've missed.



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