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Active CPU cooling for the Gen8


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I know it doesn't *need* it, just something to do really :)


At idle, the iLO Zone temp sensor has gone from 47c to 38c, so that's pretty good nonetheless

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My modification:   With: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1240 v2 (8M Cache, 3.40 GHz)    

As I was going to be swapping out the motherboard and fan on my unit, while it's apart I thought I'd take the opportunity to look at other cooling options for the CPU.   This might be of interest to

Last week I finally updated my Gen8 with the E3-1265L "V1" from ebay mentioned in other posts... so  I added a fan to the stock heatsink like other users did:     I had to cut the fan

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passive mine went from around the same to 40-41 i believe


I cant look atm as its boiling today 29 inlet

and its also encoding with handbrake (has been for a few days constantly)

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Do you have a before/after on your temp profiles?


You mean just a screenshot of this?




Also I think, for some reason, the temp sensor on this CPU doesn't read below 40c or something like that? I stressed it a bit and saw it increase a few degrees, but it won't ever drop below 40c, (Xeon E3-1230 v2) now someone with the same CPU I think had the same 'problem' with it seemingly stuck at 40c? maybe it's not actually at 40c, maybe it's lower and the sensor just won't show under 40c for some reason? I can't get mine to go any lower even if I let it idle and let the (CPU) fan run at full speed, yet it does get higher. strange.

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Nice, thanks.


In Win I've used OpenHardWare Monitor and CoreTemp to see CPU temps better & below 40C.

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I added a small heatsink/fan combo on top of the iLO chip using some Akasa thermal tape. It fits just about and the tray slides in and out fine. I think i'm going to get another one and replace the small northbridge(?) heatsink. It's a bit larger than the chip, but if I use the thermal tape to secure it that will stop the heatsink from contacting the board and causing a short or something.





What is THAT on your chipset? 

You cut aluminum radiator in half and put copper on top? 


ps. OMG, theres's some copper clued on top of MOSFET rad next to CPU

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I mean the idea of putting one rad on top of another is ... uhhm.

I doubt it ever required something besides stock rad, unless you test it with IR tetmometer first. It will do more harm, like worse air flow rather then effictevely cool it. Not to mention how it looks.

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