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Active CPU cooling for the Gen8


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Hi Radaxian, 

According the inverted PWM signal, it shouldnt be so difficult. I found one hint on the internet and put it on this thread: 

It is the last reply from me.

It looks like the chip itself is able to invert the signal. I ordered already the chip so I am only waiting when it arrives to try it. I hope that it will work. Then it definitely solve the issue with added another fans.


Many thaanks.


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My modification:   With: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1240 v2 (8M Cache, 3.40 GHz)    

As I was going to be swapping out the motherboard and fan on my unit, while it's apart I thought I'd take the opportunity to look at other cooling options for the CPU.   This might be of interest to

Last week I finally updated my Gen8 with the E3-1265L "V1" from ebay mentioned in other posts... so  I added a fan to the stock heatsink like other users did:     I had to cut the fan

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Hi @radaxian and @Trig0r


Thank you for taking the time to reply.


10 hours ago, Trig0r said:

You able to power the board up on the tray out of the chassis


I'm not sure what you mean.


10 hours ago, Trig0r said:

are you sure the fans spinning, also, is it spinning in the right direction.


Fans are spinning (always 100% on because of how I connected the fan) and yes in the right direction I believe (air is being directed down towards the chipset).


10 hours ago, Trig0r said:

Personally I'd take the akasa off of the CPU and see what state the thermal compound is in, you'll be able to see straight off if you have a decent contact between CPU and heatsink.


Here are the pics of the cooler.

Because of the non standard form of the screws I can use only 2 out of the 4 and removed one screw hole to make it fit, exactly as @overcoat did in the first posts. Again though, his temps differ very much from mines.


The temps I get are consistent. Over 90 °C passing 2-3 mins of transcoding.




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Can you remove the tray from the Gen8 and power it up outside of the chassis?


Looks like you have a lot of compound on there, I'd clean everything up and reapply with a smaller amount of compound.


Also, as you have 2 screws, make sure its not bent or resting on other components around the socket and that you are getting decent contact.

The joys of the HP 65w cooler are it fits, its not cheap though, I paid ~£90 for mine IIRC. and it was a PITA to get hold of..

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Thanks again for replying.


18 hours ago, Trig0r said:

The joys of the HP 65w cooler are it fits, its not cheap though, I paid ~£90 for mine IIRC. and it was a PITA to get hold of..


Indeed, in the end I bought it. I'm waiting for it to be dispatched from Germany and I paid much more than that. It was about 200 euros on the HPE website. I found this supplier who sold it a 150.

God, I hope it was worth it.


I was unconfortable with having only 2 screws, the fact that it did not fit precisely made me wonder wether the round surface of the cooler was touching the processor in the right way, as you suggested, but it's difficoult to see from a side view. The compound seemed to adhere but nontheless, let's see if the official HP part even without fan can yield better results.

Thank you very very much for your help and suggestions.

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Hello, if you can help me with my gen8, update an i3 processor with factory dissipation, reviewing the posts, I found that this nh-l9i night fan is compatible, what I could not understand is the installation if you have to modify something since I am not very skilled with hands always make mistakes hehehe and referring to this other fan that Scythe Kozuti recommend is to arrive and install? which one do you recommend?

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