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HP Smart Array with HP Events Notification Service and PRTG Network Monitor


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Now the next bit of software you will install, the PRTG Network Monitor, is what will monitor those codes and messages from the Windows Event Log and use them to send out an email (in our case here), or text message (if you set that up also), regarding the HP Smart Array (Cissesrv) Windows Event Log information.


PRTG Network Monitor can do a lot more than the basic setup that we are going to detail below. But the setup that follows is good enough to get email messages concerning the HP Smart Array (Cissesrv) Windows Event Log codes and messages. So if a drive were to fail you would get an email message to that effect.


I suggest before you install PRTG Network Monitor that you download and install Google Chrome on your server and make it the default browser. It is recommended by PRTG as the best browser for their Network Monitor. I tried to get Windows Internet Explorer 10 to work, as it is the browser WHS 2011 installs during its installation, but I got frustrated with it restricting PRTG to work. So I just downloaded Chrome and it worked without fuss.


Now go to http://www.paessler.com/prtg/download to get a free copy of the 10 sensor Network Monitor. I downloaded the PRTG Network Monitor .zip file and extracted the three files inside to a folder on my desktop. In my case I am installing the PRTG Network Monitor Setup Application (.exe). Next below, run the installation program:



Select Language. Click Next below:



Welcome screen. Click Next below:



Agree to License Agreement and click Next below:



In the next screen we will input the primary email address that we will use to have event notifications sent out to. FYI, you can add more than one receiving email addresses later if you wish. Click Next below:



Next use the default “prtgtrial” name and Copy / Paste the Key you acquired during download of the PRTG Network Monitor program. Click Next below:




More to follow...

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Next choose the folder location where you want PRTG Network Monitor installed. Click Next below:



Watch the installation progress below…




Right after the installation of PRTG Network Monitor completes the program will open in your browser. For the email notifications to work it is NOT required that you complete the Configuration Guru or perform any other setup configuration than what is detailed here.



Next we want to Add Sensor. Select “Sensors” > “Add Sensor” below:



Select “Add sensor to existing device” and highlight “Probe Device”. Then click Continue below:



Here you will see a complete list of sensor types if you scroll down. Type “Event Log” in the search box and click Continue below:



More to follow...

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After searching for “Event Log” you are presented with a narrowed down list of Sensor Types. Select “Event Log (Windows API)” and click “Add This” below:



Then you can enter the specifics of the sensor. But all we really need to change here is to select “Filter by Source > ON”. And type “Cissesrv” in the “Match String (Event Source)” box. You could also name your sensor at this point or you can do it later. I chose to name my sensor “P410 Smart Array” and typed that into the “Sensor Name” box. Click Continue below:



A new Sensor has now been added. Scroll down to see the “P410 Smart Array” sensor was just added below:





Now we want to setup how emails are sent out for this sensor from PRTG Network Monitor. There are various ways to set this up, but seeing that many people have a Gmail account we are going to use a Gmail email address for the outbound notifications. Select: Setup > System Administration > Notification Delivery below:9688b87c-0879-4260-a593-1556eec45acf.jpg


Next we will setup a Gmail account for outbound notifications. Since most home servers are inside a LAN, select “Use SMTP relay server (Recommended inside LANs/NATs)”. Enter the specifics of your Gmail account, and click Save. Here is a link to directions I found for setting this up: http://www.paessler.com/knowledgebase/en/topic/2823-can-gmail-google-apps-be-used-for-smtp-relay . FYI, If you want to use Yahoo as SMTP Relay Server, it will only work with a Yahoo Mail Plus Account. The SMTP host is: smtp.mail.yahoo.com and works on Port 25.  Below:



More to follow...

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This is a fantastic!


Thank you!


Your welcome Schoondoggy.  Glad you like it.


I just noticed that some of my screenshots show that I have 2 "P410 Smart Array" sensors.  This is only because I ran the program again to get the screenshots needed for this tutorial.  I just deleted one and only have 1 "P410 Smart Array" sensor.


I was going to add how I setup my P410 Smart Array using the HP Array Configuration Utility with all the screenshots but was thinking that would be too much for this thread as the focus here was to show how I setup PRTG to work with HP Events Notification Service.


Post back if you try this and any input you might have for setup as PRTG is extremely configurable.  I've not had the time to figure out how to do text messaging.  Nor have a installed the PRTG app for my android phone.

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Nice work g725s. That really deserves to be a blog entry on the main HSS site.

Your welcome ikon. I hope you find it helpful. I'd rather it not be a blog post.

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