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Home Server EX495 has died


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Is there a best was to transfer the data (15 TB of DVD, Movies, TV...) from the drives to my new Synology DS1812+? I do have a Thermaltake BlacX eSATA Docking Station for the HDD. Not sure if I can just start from HDD 1 & copy the contents thru my W7 machine to the DS 1812 & keep repeating the process or if there is a different way. Thanks everyone!!

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I would use a filecopy program like RoboCopy (built in to Win7) or Allwaysync to handle the duplicates.


Are you looking to replace your EX495?  I have a spare EX490 upgraded to EX495 specs (E5200 CPU & 4GB RAM upgrades) I could sell.

I was going to post it in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum but I just haven't found the time.


All you would need to do is pull your drives out of your old box and slide them into the same slots on mine. 

PM me if you're interested.

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Thanks for the info Mr_Smartepants, I'll have to see what the wife says about the HS. Spent a lot on the DS1812.....

How do you feel about TeraCopy? I've never had a problem with it, but was looking at Allways Sync & it has some nice features also.

As for the HDD on the server is there a best sequence to transferring, like HDD 1 first, HDD 2 second.... then any usb drives last? Monday is

going to be a crazy day of copying massive data. I dread the thought of having to re rip all my DVD, BR & Music. Thanks again

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