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Retrieve Backups From Home Server


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I have windows Home Server running on an old dell pc.  I have a 500 GB system drive that is connected via IDE.  I then have a 1TB Western Digital drive attached via USB.


I am now getting a yellow light on the dell and it appears that the machine is no longer working.  All the machines shows the windows home server connector as gray or grayed out.  No connection.


I can reboot the server and it would run for a while and then do the same thing.  At first I thought it was the disk getting full but open checking I had plenty of room.


It started doing this as soon as the backup started.  Then I disabled the backups and it still did it.


I then installed an add on called XXX sometimes it shows the system drive as getting hot and I should watch it.  So I removed the drive and it is in the open with plenty of air flow around it.


Sometimes I would get the same error on the external USB disk as well.


I think I would like to get the backups off it so at least I have them. 


How can you get the backups off the server and or does anyone have any suggestions?



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Since writing the above I have been looking around and I am wondering about mirroring each pair of 2 TB drives then doing an external back up of both pairs of drives to somthing like the Seagate central box device

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That will certainly add some resiliency, as long as you don't need the space for data. Up to a point, the more backup the better. I keep 4 - 5 copies of all my data.

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