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Remote Access Card options


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I have an HP N40L MicroServer being used as a VM lab.  I have very limited success with the RAC I installed.   When trying to access the RAC utilities via web; sometimes it works with IE, sometimes Chrome, sometimes none of the above.   I try on both windows and mac.


First question, is ILO4 better?


I am looking to upgrade my N40L and not be bound by Windows (I use mac/linux).  Which also means I will likely move to Proxmox from ESXi, to avoid vSphere Client.   That's a separate discussion.


I am wondering what my options are for finding a web or command-line interface for remote access to my headless server.   All I really want is power cycle and KVM over IP.  Everything else is icing on the cake.  I'd rather not pay for a license, but would want to know those details for comparison.


Is the RAC tied to the hardware?   Is there a non-HP RAC I could install and use instead?


Are there options from Dell, Lenovo, Avatar, BYO that I should consider?


I want low/no license, web/command interface (any browser/OS), and any client (including mac).



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I found something called IMPI view from SuperMicro.   Looks interesting.   I got it working on my mac, but not windows (wouldn't open).   But "Video Console" is not enabled.  That may be because of HP's RAC card?


I'm still curious to know if there are any sysadmins around here who prefer one hardware vendor vs another, based on their management/access software.

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