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RocketRaid 2680SGL LED Pin out Help


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Hi Folks, (This is my first post so bear with me)

I have a RocketRaid 2680SGL in my WHS 2011 box, and I was wanting to connect several tailed led's i picked up and mount them to an open drive bay cover.  This card has two channels and controlles 8 hdd drives.  there are pin outs mentioned in the instruction manuel for led connections for drive activity and drive failure.  I don't want to go and poke around in there, it's also not clear to me but I don't see which is ground (Common) pin  and which is the signa pin.

Has anybody done this?  Maybe they can shed some light for me..


thanks Walt.

attached is the card.jpg and page 9 of the instructions



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There are LEDs available that have the correct resistance and plug.  I think I got mine form monoprice.  As for the hook up, the positive lead goes from the A1-8 lead and use the ground on J1 pin 2.  You will have to have all your commons together and hook them up to one lead that goes to J1.  Hope that helps.

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