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HP EX485 - Won't Boot ...


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Hello folks.  I have an HP EX485 which won't boot.  Before explaining the symptoms of the problem, below are some details about my server.  

  • Hardware & Drive Configuration
    • Memory = 4GB
    • CPU = Dual Core E5200
    • Drive 0 - 750GB Segate Baracuda, 60GB OS partition, 690GB data partition
    • Drive 1 - 1.5TB Segate Baracuda, 1.5TB data partition
    • Drive 2 - 3TB Segate Baracuda, 3TB data partition
    • Drive 3 - 3TB Segate Baracuda, 3TB data partition
    • OS = WHS 2011
    • VOV Tech KVM Adapter attached
  • Software
    • OS = WHS 2011
    • Stablebit DrivePool - One pool containing all data partitions

During the BIOS POST, drive 1 makes some strange clicking noises and the POST reports drive 1 cannot be detected.  Immediately after the completing the POST, I get the following message "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum."


If I pull the drive or attempt to boot into safe mode, WHS will load and it indicates it is initializing the restore cd.  Then a command prompt window opens running WHS_Recovery_server.exe. 


I'm a little lost.  Why is it booting into the server recovery app?  Drive 0 contains the OS not drive 1.  Since I don't have a recent server backup I guess my only option is to reinstall or restore a default image.  Any help would be appreciated or advice would be appreciated.






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A clicking drive usually means the drive is failing. If the drive is unavailable during boot, then the boot process will default to the built-in 256mg hidden USB and run the Recovery Software required to install WHS version 1 from the HP disks on your PC.


Since your running WHS2011 and don't have a server backup, then your best bet is to replace the system drive with a 2TB drive or less and do a Server Recovery of WHS2011 without the data drives. When it's up and running and all Windows Updates installed, then you can put the data drives back in and install the Stablebit drivepool add-in. It should see your pool.


You will of course be missing the data that was on the D partition of that defective system drive unless you had all the Shared Folders duplicated. Then drivepool will duplicate the missing files.


Since you have a KVM then do the recovery from the WHS2011 DVD from a USB DVD drive.

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thanks diehard ... just before you posted through some googling I discovered what I was seeing was the recovery software for WHS V1 ... I had no idea that even existed ...


I did as you suggested and put the WHS 2011 on a USB stick and booted to it ... It wouldn't allow me to repair the drive as I needed a system image which I did not have ... I then tried to reinstall WHS 2011, but the install could not find the 50GB OS partition (not 60 as I mentioned) ... Since I couldn't see the OS partition I decided to forgo a reinstall as I didn't have a spare drive and I was afraid if I installed it on the 750GB drive I might lose data ... All my folders were duplicated so I'm positive my data is there ...


What am I going to do now? ... I've been wanting to build a 2012 Essentials box for the last several months so now I have a good excuse ... I placed my order this evening and should get everything this week ... It will make the recovery process a little more complex, but when I'm done I'll have a much more powerful server and one that will be much easier to work on ...


thanks again for your help ...

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