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VPN Access Using WHS2011 - Can't Connect


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Hi Everyone,

I am having some trouble setting up a VPN connection using WHS2011.  I followed this guide to get to where I am right now:



So far, I am able to connect to the VPN using my LAN address.  I have been unable, for whatever reason, to connect via my WAN IP.  I get the Error 800 anytime I do it.  My brother-in-law can not connect to the VPN from his home either.  I have port forwarded everything properply, and even at some point disabled the WHS internal firewall as well as placed the computer into DMZ mode.  I still can't for the life of me get it to work.


I want to say that it must have something to do with my Verizon router or my switch (TEG-S24G).  I want to use a VPN vs Remote Web Access so that I can map folders to my WMC when I am at college.  I have the 35mbs up speed from Verizon so I should be able to watch quite a few things without any issues.


Can Anyone give me some insight?



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Well I am able to get it to allow remote web access, just not a VPN.  From the internet, it seems as though Verizon does block incoming port 80.  Is it possible to remap it?  Is port 80 required for VPN?

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