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M1015 in IT mode causing panics/hangs/reboots vm?

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The consensus so far seems to be:


- SATA AHCI + LSI SAS VT-d passthrough is functional

- B120i in RAID mode + LSI SAS VT-d passthrough is problematic


Unfortunately SATA AHCI causes iLO4 to raise the fan speed and noise level. 


Have there been any developments in regards to MicroServer Gen8 VT-d stability ? What about VMware ESXI 5.5 VT-d support ?

to answer your questions:


I feel your first question was phrased poorly so here is my reply:


There are NO stability issues with the HP MicroServer Gen8 and VT-D that I am aware of.



There has not been any resolution to the B120i in RAID mode and then passing a PCI express card through. In my testing it was a LSI HBA passed through that would cause kernel panics/general locks on guest VM. I wouldnt describe it as instability or corruption (those are side effects that can happen, but not directly related). I believe the root of the issue is either in the HP iLO or VMWare implementation (but thats two black holes unless someone can get a HP Gen8 ML380 or something and test, confirm, and open support request with HP and THEN we could get resolution perhaps).


I am not aware if VMWare ESXi 5.5 and HP Gen8 Microsover specific issues ever got resolved, I believe its still impossilbe to passthrough on the HP Gen8 Microserver and VMWare ESXi 5.5. I completely given up on 5.5 given the 30 (or is it 90?) day license structure for the management tools so 5.5 is no go.


Perhaps your research may yield some new information.



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Thanks for the clarification.


Side-note: is the management licensing limitation present in ESXi 5.1 as well?

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Yes, I am necro'ing a thread. Here are a couple confirmations:


HP ML310e G8 v2 with B120i in AHCI mode and M1015 as passthrough - no issues.


I upgraded my main ESXi storage to a RAID1 SSD setup by swapping the B120i into RAID mode. Within moments of booting up, my ZFS pool was trashed. Same issue others are seeing with the Microserver Gen8 B120i in RAID mode... odd behavior with the M1015 in passthrough.


Also ESXi 5.1U2 or later does not support VT-d on HP systems. This is an HP imposed limitation. With 5.1U2 and later, only GPU passthrough is supported by HP.


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So i will beat  @ikon i get today my m1015 to try end the misery of esxi latency. Actually i have the h 120i in raid0 so i can pass wall the 4 drives to esxi via passthrougt and use the odd drive with one ssd for datastore. The esxi boot is in the sdcard. That said can someone give me advice how to setup m1015 ?  @vhymetoo can you explain how do setup it, i'm confused when you say that you keep the 120i as passthrougt... that don't keep the latency issue for you?

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