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HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen 8 G2020T - Highest Specs Possible?


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Dear Guys,

I need your support to set up an HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen 8 Ultra Micro Tower Server G2020T with the highest specs possible without overheat the machine.


-          16GB or 32 GB RAM DDR3.


-          The highest Intel XEON E3 speed possible (E3-1265Lv2)?


-          The Maximum HP smart array controller card that can be installed?


-          The Maximum HDD capacity including SSD drive if possible?


-          Is it possible to add an ODD DVD drive as well?


The MicroServer will be used for virtual lab environment using Hyper-V 2012.


With the new Server 2012 R2 we can configure storage tiers that includes both SATA/SAS with SSD in order to get the maximum I/O performance possible.


The new OS 2012 R2 is smart enough to move the hot data to the SSD and low data to the slower disk dynamically.


I need 100GB or 200GB as RAID1 for the OS and the other array for Virtual Machines combined between SATA 6Gbps and SSD.


Your help is really appreciated.



Thank you.

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I know guys are running the 69W XEON versions, I would tend to stay around 25-45W.

If you are going to RAID1 for the OS, what are you looking at for the rest? The P222 is the recommended RAID controller.

Samsung is shipping 1TB SSD

16GB is the approved memory limit.

You can add a ODD in the top, it needs to be a slim 9.5mm and HP branded to have the proper latch on the back. 

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Thank you dear Schoondoggy for your kind reply.


I am looking for Raid 1 for the OS and if possible Raid 1 or Raid 10 for the Virtual Machines. No RAID 5.


Is it possible to have two SSDs 512GB or 1TB with 4 SATA WD Red NAS 3TB drives?

I am thinking to take 2 SATA 3TB for the OS as Raid 1 and used Storage Tiering (spaces) option from Windows Server 2012 to combine the Two SSD's+2 SATA 3TB.


What accessories do I need to buy?


Could you please help with more details including part number if possible?


Thank you.

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Hi Charoit,


Do you already own the Gen8 Microserver?  The reason I ask is when I see somebody thinking about buying hardware or with a new piece of hardware  thinking/needing to max it out to/beyond its specifications I think "Is this the right machine for them?"


Don't get me wrong I am ALL for mods, OC'ing, adding functionality,AND LOVE THE MICROSERVER but is it the best tool for the job?  The initial cost for pushing it out of spec seems higher then a higher spec machine that is more capable.  Not to mention you are leaving ZERO upgrade paths open while pushing the components to the edge of stability(Which is great for a gaming machine but NOT for a server).  


Im not trying to be negative and I know there is always certain cases that a build like your describing is necessary (or just wanted because the Gen 8 MS's are awesome :).   It just seems in most cases for the described build I would tell a client, friend, or myself even "Yes the physical size of the server maybe a little larger but in terms of cost, upgrading, processing power, stability, and much more it is a much better choice. 

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Thank you dear FiLiNux for your kind reply,


Actually, I didn't own yet the MicroServer Gen8, I am planning to buy it soon.

I need it for home lab as a Virtual Server 2012.


I have two HP 8570W worsktations with 32GB of RAM and i7 Quad Core, but I need an All-in-One machine that has everything included but without monitor like the Gen8 MicroServer (small server).

I have already a QNAP 4 Bays storage TS-469 Pro.


Is there any alternatives options? I prefer HP, I am working with HP DL380 Gen8 servers and I deployed many of them in my daily work.


Of course I don't push the MicroServer over the limit.


The Config is almost there but the question is about the Hard Drives and the Smart array card.


1- CPU: E3-1265Lv2 @ 45W

2- 16GB RAM DDR3

3- HDD?

4- SSD?

5- Array Card?


Waiting your reply.


Thank you.

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For a start do not buy the G2020T if you are going to swap the processor out anyway; go for the G1610T which should make you initial cost cheaper. It only make sense if you kindly donate the G2020T to me :)

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I sense an emerging niche opportunity here: someone buys up G8 Microservers, strips out the CPUs, sells without CPU or with one of your choice, and sells the stock CPUs to others who only want a CPU.

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