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Hey Guys,


I'm going to use this thread to craft a show schedule.


Aug 28 - Gen 8 Panel.  Mods, upgrades.

Sep 4 -  Essentials 2012 Panel. PM for the topic. Shhhh, it's a secret!

Sep 11 - 

Sep 18 - 

Sep 25 - Meetup 2013 Wrap up


Future Topics you can sign up for


pfSense and Untangle Combo

Virtuals Servers for beginners

BitCasa vs. CrashPlan - Tony R.

Storage Spaces in your Server setup

Drive Bender

Microservers for the rest of us. RAID? I don't want to run RAID!

Jim and Dave CrashPlan episode

I need a server at home, what to use? Win 7, Win 8, WHS 2011, Essentials 2012.
Moving from 2011 to Essentials.
Cloud Services  Gladinet, Otixo, https://mybackupbox.com, etc.  SME Storage.  Need more?  Not just cloud storage, but services that allow you to move things around in the cloud.  


If you have podcasted with Jim or myself in the past you are cleared to jump on.  If not we need to check out your bandwidth, video, and audio setup. Have a good mic ready! Usually, the built in mic on a laptop is not acceptable.  Usually.  You don't have to purchase a boom and a microphone though.  A good headset mic is sufficient.  


PM me with any questions or comments!

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