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GEN8: Hot-Plug SATA Hard Drive

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I would check the MicroServer's Hardware Compatibility List to be 100% certain, but the description on that page certainly makes it seem like they would be compatible.

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As often happens I may be missing something but the question that popped into my mind when I followed the link is "Why would ANYONE buy these at this price?".   


If it is terms like "Hot Swap , Hot Plug, Etc Etc" don't be confused or mislead as to what that is.  It is not some super feature exclusive to these type of drives alone .  Are the drive trays in the Gen8's the same as the Gen 7's or as this drive? (I call them drive trays, I am not sure if caddie , dock, or what is the proper term.)  These are not even SATA 2 drives and are limited to speeds > 150MBps


Like I said above I may be missing something but I really believe there are better deals / drives out there then this.  I know folks on here can point to some better deals if there is not something special about these that you need. 

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These look like the old trays. I don't think they would work. It is a good question, we should try to find out which trays are interchangeable. I have to agree with FiLiNuX these are older SATA I. On another note, the bays in the MicroServers are not hot swap. The backplanes don't  have the circuitry for hotswap.

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It's a good point about the trays, although I wasn't really worried about it because the MicroServer comes with a complete set of its own trays. Still, it likely contributes to the rather high price: less than 1 TB for just under $200. I also agree the drives are rather slow, being SATA I. Of course, HP drives have always been pretty high priced.


But as to your original question, I think you could use the drives in the MicroServer -- you just may not want to.


UPDATE: I found this site for finding HP official compatible products: http://hpproliantoptions.com/index.aspx


I also found these sites for 2TB drives: http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/10389322/mfg_partno/659339-B21 and http://www.itdevicesonline.com/659339-B21.php. The prices are really high IMHO, and HP only offers a 1 year warranty, but they are HP approved.

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hi all,


a quick question, can I use these drives in the MS Gen8?






PS: i know a lil abouth hardware :)


with the MicroServer, you can use any SATA drives  the "carriers" as we call them are already include with the system.  Also the MicroServers are non-hotplug     those drives you link to are in hot-plug carriers intended for oher G6/G7 server models, but you can remove the carriers and install into the MicroServer carrier.


regarding drive carriers in ProLiant in general, we had the same carriers in G5 thru G7, and with Gen8 we updated them to add features like a "do-not-remove" light and better health monitoring.  In the enterprise, the #1 cause of data loss in an array was human error pulling the wrong drive when an array was already in recovery mode after a single drive failure.  they are also smaller (especially depth) to allow for more dense server design and better airflow.  those features are for hot-plug, but the formfactor carried over to the non-hotplug as well.

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I can't say you can use any SATA drive on the GEN8 i've put an Ironwolf 4TB and is not recognised in raid neither in AHCI.

Will try in legacy.

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