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Remote FX problem


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I install a WinServer2012 with msdnaa license on my server. Create a VM with Hyper-V and install a Windows 8 on it. I add Remote FX, after I watch dxdiag on the VM system. It write: WDDM 1.2. I try to watch my Windows Experience Index but the VM didnt find the data or the file. I can install DirectX manually, but the video render on Youtube stopped few second ago. I think it uses the physical GPU because it use 141 MB of the available GPU (1000 MB).


My server configuration:

AMD PHENOM 2 955X2 4x3GHz

ATI 6700 AND 7700 GPU

KINGMAX 4GB memory



550 power supply


I try Win7 and Win8 on VM client, directly connect from Hyper-V manager.


I would like to simulate a desktop computer performance with a stronger server machine. Is it possible? What I do wrong?

I see playing Crysis on VM so I think it possible but I don't know what I have to do for it.

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