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Which Wireless Router to get?

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Well I've got the new Linksys EA6300 router installed and going.


The install was a pain, Linksys use this Smart WiFi setup process where you go to some website on the internet and have to signup to that and then you can access your router.  The only advantage to that process is that you can access and maintain your router from the internet if you want.  But I don't think the Linksys software liked my network, I couldn't get the setup to work.  I finally got going to the point where I could actually use it, but was still getting issues (every time I entered a static IP address in the 10.1.x.x range it change it to a 172.x.x.x address).


I finally posted a message on the Linksys forum and someone pointed me to a posting on how to configure the router directly using the built-in web pages and I was able to get it going.


So I guess all in all I'm fairly happy with it, the price was pretty good and its fairly fast, does dual band and has AC.  So far the only thing I don't like is the smart wifi setup.

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