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Bought first Xbox 360 for an extender.

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I now it is a little late to the game but last weekend I bought my first XBox 360 to use a media center extender.


We got it so that we don't have to get a cable box for the upstairs family room. I'm extending media center in the first floor living room since it does most of the TV recording in the house. I did have a little problem getting the My Movies playback to work, but I worked through that issue and it works now.


I just wish I could use the 360 to connect to Amazon Prime with out having to pay Microsoft for Live Gold account. I guess we're ether getting a Roku, a PS3 or a smart TV for this room.


Now I just need to see how to get the kid's MP4s on to the 360's hard drive.



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It doesn't truly replace a cable box though, does it? I'm thinking about the tuning in of TV channels.


It's doing fine are a replacement for another cable box. The Media Center that I'm connecting to has cable card tuners. About the only thing that we can't do with the 360 that the cable box could do is the on demand services and we don't use that much.

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I moved to the US about 6 months ago and have never even watched actual live TV here yet


Plex + Plex Media Center + Youtube does the job fine

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