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Podcast 63, what did you think ?


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I have been listening for a while and love the show, love the format. I enjoy the information provided and enjoy the North American view (being Canadian myself). I enjoy the links to "deal", and to mentioned utilities "Belarc", which I had forgotten and re-discovered. Your conversation on the ‘enterprise side’ of WHS was interesting as well. Small Business should use WHS. Love a great sale price, so always offer that information, it’s appreciated. Looking for 2TB drives on the cheap. I believe this Forum will be focusing on chit-chat, time will tell... but the idea is a good one. Give it time. Keep the news section, it’s the reason I listen to this show.


Comments on the show:


I have tried and no longer use the "download add-in" for WHS.

I don't use the Camera's from DLink...too creepy.

On the Outlook item, I publish my Work calendar to my WHS and that way my wife can find me as I travel a lot. It works well.

I got the same Windows Mobile e-mail...sad as well. We may get X-max tones by Easter. ;)


Love the HTPC as I want to build my own and would love to hear your notes on the Zotac you purchased. But the Wife factor has to rule. No Towers, nice case, small, black, piano finish is not what she prefers as it show dust. Brushed metal and black and small and quiet. And then which Remote as we have a bunch...and she loves her Atlanta Scientific PVR, I want more.


We want to learn more about the experience of running HTPC's.


Talk about the Media Center add-ins, are you using any? Which ones, and why.

DieHard have a look at "http://www.mobileairmouse.com/" for your iTouch.

I have an AVERMEDIA Volar Max Hybrid TV-tuner. USB version. Since I'm 50 minutes away from the Vermont border (Canadian Side) I was hoping for some free HD. I am unable to get any US signal. Using my cable company, I get some signals thru the AverMedia tuner, but that PVR locks me out for some reason.


I don't care much for all that Meta-Data. Keep it simple...that's how I like it.


Would love to hear more on Media Center...and I love the long pod cast.



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Dave - What were you thinking? "Australia is never going to celebrate Thanksgiving. Think about it. What is Thanksgiving celebrating? It's a US thing and good on you all for celebrating it. Enjoy."


No we don't have 'Black Friday' sales (although we do call Friday the 13th Black Friday). I think we're like Canada (probably the British origins) and it's Boxing Day that is our big sale time (although during the GFC there were always sales on)


Re: MediaSmart availability down here - we only get the EX490 and the StorageWorks X510 Data Vault here from HP, and the word is the Acer Aspire easyStore H340 Home Server is coming soon too. No sign of the Lenovo or Fujitsu WHS systems.

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Hey Bodog. I know you guys don't have a thanksgiving but was curious if you had a "Black Friday" type of event. Thanks for the feedback and for always offering the Aussie point of view.


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my name is Per, live in Sweden, built a Homeserver half a year ago. In the beginning I just used the server as backup and storing pictures. A few weeks ago i started to look for information about the Homeserver and found many places with Homeserverinterested people. And especially the HomeServer Podcast.
I stared listening and got more and more amused by your discussions.
Thank you for that. I still have quite a few to listen through but I listen first to the new ones and then go back for old ones.
I listen very careful when you talk about restore files from a XP backup. I have the well known problem, "Unable to mount disc for restore" after 97%. Thought that PP3 would solve it but No.
Anyway, I like your work and as I get in to the language and learn more about the Server I will participate more
with my regards
Per Carlson

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Good show. I've been planning on picking up either a Q110 or Acer Revo to test out as a media center machine but was holding off for the Digital Cable Advisor and ATI Firmware Update since I use CableCard for my recordings. Out of curiosity, have you ran the advisor on the Q110 yet? What are the results? Hoping that the nettop will have enough juice to support CableCard recordings.

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Another fine show. I just want to defend using cameras and Insteon home automation products. Here is my setup.

Insteon PowerLine Modem - 2 Insteon switchs - 2 Insteon phase couplers (used to link both 110 electrical phases to each other) - one Cisco WVC210 panning camera - one WVC54GCA linksys camera.

1st I use mControl WHS plugin on the server to control and automate my front porch lights and my foyer lights. Let me tell you it is the coolest thing to have your lights turn on and off when you want. You never leave a light on again. I plan to set it up to work my Heating and AC in combination with my blinds controller and my weather station (open and close depending on sunlight and time of year).

mControl work directly with the cameras so I can view my dogs with my cell phone or computer. One cam is on the dogs and one looks down the length of the 1st floor for security. But also when the camera sees movement on the 1st floor mControl will turn on the light in the kitchen and hallway. It works really well. And to have piece of mind is more than enough for me.

no I don't have a camera at the front door =) This project took 4 beers (optional)


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A fairly new listener to the show, but have been using WHS since the early builds. My frankenserver recently died, and I was able to score a 495 on ebay for $500. I love the much smaller form factor and it's nearly silent operation. Overall, for a person that loves to mess with his computers, WHS is a lifesaver. If more people knew about it, they would understand why they need one.

The show is great and I listen in my car as I drive back and forth while at work. The only issue I have is that the volume of each host varies so greatly that it makes it difficult to hear on occasion without maxing the volume of my Zune and my car radio. Would it be possible to equalize the volume throughout the show. I download the episodes from the Zune marketplace and play on my trusty 30GB Zune if that makes a difference?

Keep up the good work,

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Yo Diehard. When Dave talked about the Lights Out add-in you seemed to alude to the fact that you found an alternative that you prefer. Can you share that add-in with us? Why do you prefer it over Lights Out? Thanks a bunch.

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