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DataRam RamDisk

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I have 16GB of memory in a server testing WHS2011, which can only use 8GB.

I thought I would expirement with DataRam's RamDisk software. It is free for up to a 4GB disk.

Here is the preformance;



It is mainly aimed at gaming and databases.



You got my attention.  Interested how you would put this to use. 

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It makes NotePad run like blazes ;)


In that case, sign me up.  Notepad has been running a bit slow.

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This was the initial video from NewEgg;


To me the question is, how much memory fits in a computer vs how much memory  the OS can really use?


This is the gaming video;

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Reminds me of the 80's when I had a ~2MB RAM disk on an intel add on card in my original PC -- very nice ...............

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Am I understanding this correctly? WHS2011 only supports up to 8GB of RAM but you could put more than 8GB in there and make RAM Disks out of the RAM above 8GB not used by WHS2011? Finally going to make me kick myself for not maxing out the N54L to 16GB aren't you?

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