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HP Microserver Gen8 video drivers


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Sometimes certain drivers seem to be missing from certain server/OS combos.. I've bugged some HP folks about this.  What you can generally do is select a server model that has the same subsystem for the thing you are looking for, and get the driver from there.   For example, the DL380 is the most popular server and gets the most attention, so I went there to find this link (shortened): http://bit.ly/1d0woe3


Also, for a full set of drivers/firmware that you can use across several different ProLiants, get the SPP: http://hp.com/go/spp

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Actually I only write on Dutch forums. I only have two interests, IT and RC :-) No other forums. I really appreciate the work done on the Gen8 links page. So after struggling a day finding the correct video driver, share it ;-)


Just bought a Pico PSU 160XT by the way, will open a new thread for that when installed in the G8! Can't find any efficiency information about the installed 150w PSU on the net so I will give this a try!

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The working Matrox driver for windows 2012R2 is cp018072. Can be found in the SPP 2013.09


I had been searching for this for two months, and couldn't find a working driver; this one does.  Thank you very much!


Recommend Lennart's note be added to the Important Gen8 links, as HP doesn't make the driver directly available through the Microserver pages.

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