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The R2 Wave is Coming Oct. 18th

Big Worm

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Thanks for the link. I take it you believe this tool is better than the MS Transfer Wizard. Have you had any issues with accessing installed programs after joining up to a Domain and using the tool to migrate the account(s)?


Not sure what MS Transfer Wizard is, if are you referring to Windows Easy Transfer, I have never used it. This tool would keep the SID history on objects if you move between domains. I have had issues with Skype I believe it was but not 100% sure, just one or two apps of hundreds.

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Just curious, does anyone have information on when R2 products will be available to purchase, from resellers perhaps, for people who aren't signed up of the developer services? I've tried to check some online stores but they don't have any information (like pre-order etc.) even though they are supposedly releasing on October 18th, do you think there might be a delay after the 18th before they are really available for purchase? I saw somewhere something about November 1 being some kind of an important date?


To follow up, I am hoping that maybe Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 (the free download one) might be available on the 18th since there is no distribution for that?

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