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Got a new HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

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Hi everyone. I'm a new forum member here. I've been enjoying the podcast for a few weeks now. Recently my Acer A340 (running WHS2011) died recently and I decided to pick up a new HP ProLiant Gen8 microserver to replace it. I bought the cheaper Celeron G1610T version and 8gb of ram for it. It arrives today from NewEgg.


Anyway, my plans are to install server 2012 essentials on this. I'm looking for threads on installing it. I've got a 128GB SSD that I want to use as the system drive. I know somewhere around here there is a thread on installing it on this size drive. 


Anyway great to be here. I'll post my experiences with getting this sucker deployed.


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You're OK with a 128B OS drive with S2012Essentials.  The real limit on drive size in S2012Essentials in 90GB.  I've installed Essentials on a 128GB with no issue Here and installed Essentials R2 Prev

I've successfully installed Windows 2012 Essentials on my Microserver. The first thing I did was install the SSD drive in the OOD SATA port. and added 8gb of RAM to the motherboard. I didn't screw dow

The next thing I did was started the system up. It went through its normal bios routines and then booted in Proliant gui. I pressed F10 to start the Intelligent Provisioning wizard.     The wizar

 I was hoping to put it in the ODD bay but I'm open to the swapable bay.


The RAM I picked up is Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) 240pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered 1333 (PC3 10600) KVR1333d3E9SK2/8G. For my purposes and budget, I only needed 8GB. It should be a big improvement over the 2GB in the old Acer. Anyone have success with this stuff or should I get my RMA ready? 

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As I think schoondoggy himself posted, you could also put it beside the power supply in the Gen8. Since heat isn't a major issue with SSDs, it should do quite well there.

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If you put it in the ODD it will run at SATA II 3Gb/s.

If you put it in swappable bays 1 or 2 it will run at SATA III 6Gb/s, but you will need to buy a drive adapter.

Are you looking at using the onboard RAID? What else are you planning on installing?

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I have a drive adapter for the SDD so no problem there. I planning on using the onboard RAID with my 1.5TB and 1TB drives. Maybe I'll buy another 1.5TB if they need to match. I was planning to just mirror the two drives.


The server will be backing up the two computers on the network and I'll use crash plan to back up the server. 

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